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Test Code NBLD0234 Rapid Strep Group A Screen, Reflex to Confirmation

Useful For

The diagnosis of Strep throat caused by Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A Streptococcus)

Profile Information

Test Code Test Name Methodology




Rapid Strep Group A Screen

Qualitative Digital Immunoassay No Yes

If the rapid Strep Group A screen is negative, a backup strep culture (LABS0253) will be performed at an additional charge.

Reflex Tests

Test Code Test Name Methodology



LABS0253 Lab Only-Group A Streptococcus Culture Culture


(Lab Only)



Performing Laboratory

Bozeman Health Laboratory Services

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Throat
Container/Tube: Red, double copan culture swab

Specimen Volume: Entire specimen

Collection Instructions: Click here for diagram )

1. Obtain specimen using both swabs from a  red double copan culture swab.
2. Tilt patient’s head back to assist in opening of mouth as wide as possible.
3. Depress tongue with a tongue depressor so swab doesn’t touch oral mucosa or tongue.
4. In 1 continuous motion:

  • Swab 1 tonsillar area up then down.
  • Move to back of throat as far down as possible, and swab there. If the patient has complained of 1 spot being sore, swab that area well.
  • Move to other tonsillar area and swab.
  • Swab behind uvula, and remove swab.

5. Transfer swab back to culture container. Break off stem, and replace cap on transport tube.

6. Label tube with patient’s name (first and last), date and actual time of collection, and type of specimen.


Specimen Rejection:

1. Specimens collected on calcium alginate swabs

2. Specimens collected on swabs with a wooden shaft

Specimen Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability


Specimen Type Temperature Time
Double Copan Swab Ambient 48 hours


Reference Values


Critical value (automatic call-back): positive

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding