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Test Code BLOD1417 Non-Invasive Prenatal Screen

Useful For

Screening pregnant women for chromosomal disorders that can cause serious birth defects, intellectual disability, or other health problems.


Molecular Genetics

Performing Laboratory

Progenity Inc.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Whole blood

Container/Tube: 10 mL Streck DNA tube

Specimen Volume: 10 mL

Minimum Volume: 7 mL

Collection Instructions:

*Note: Progenity kits will be supplied and collected in the doctor's office.  After collection, forward completed kit to the laboratory.  The kit will then be sent via Fed Ex to Progenity, Inc.

  1. Complete the test requisition.
  2. Confirm that the patient is at least 10 weeks' gestation.
  3. Peel off labels from the test requisition and label tube with two patient identifiers.  Patient's name and date of birth must be written on the label.
  4. Draw blood in 10 mL Streck tube provided in the kit.
  5. Gently invert tubes 8-10 times to ensure proper mixing.
  6. Place sample in the specimen bag with the absorbent sleeve and seal the bag.  
  7. Insert completed test requisition form into the outer pocket of the specimen bag.
  8. Forward to laboratory promptly.

Specimen Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

None listed

Test Classification and CPT Coding