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Test Code BLOD1349 Rh Immune Globulin Screen and Dose

Useful For

Determining if a patient is a candidate for Rhogam and calculating the correct dose of Rhogam needed.  Rhogam is administered to Rh-negative mothers who deliver Rh-positive (or unknown Rh) babies as an effective means of preventing Rh-alloimmunization. In most instances, D-negative mothers delivering D-positive infants can be protected from producing anti-D by the administration of Rhogam within 72 hours of delivery.  A 300 ug dose of Rhogam is sufficient to suppress Rh immunization for no more than 30 mL of fetal whole blood that has entered the maternal circulation. 


Capture solid phase automation and manual blood banking methods


Profile Information


Test Code Test Name Always Performed
BLOD0919 ABO and Rh Type, Blood Yes
BLOD0978 Fetal Screen No, Full-term patients only
BLOD0926 Antibody Screen (Indirect Coombs), Blood No, Pre-term patient only

Testing Algorithm:

If the fetal screen is positive, a Kleihauer-Betke test will automatically be reflexed.

Reflex Tests

Test Code Test Name Available Separately Always Performed
BLOD0667 Kleihauer-Betke, Blood Yes No


Performing Laboratory

Bozeman Health Laboratory Services

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: EDTA whole blood

Container/Tube: Purple top or pink top (K2 EDTA)

Specimen Volume: 6 mL

Specimen Minimum Volume: 3 mL

Collection Instructions:  Collect blood from mother at least 1 hour after delivery of all products of conception and collect as soon as possible thereafter.  Do not centrifuge. Forward unprocessed whole blood promptly.  Rhogam must be given within 72 hours of delivery.

Specimen Rejection:

1.  Gel tubes will be rejected. 

2.  Specimen must be labeled properly. 

3.  This test is affected by gross hemolysis.

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient <24 hours/Refrigerated >24 hours

Specimen Stability

Specimen Type Temperature Time
Whole Blood EDTA Ambient 24 hours
  Refrigerated 48 hours


Reference Values

Type: A, B, O, AB, A2

Rh: Positive or Negative

Fetal Screen (Full-term only): Negative (One dose of Rhogam considered sufficient)

Antibody Screen (Pre-term only): Negative (reported as positive or negative)



Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding


86901-Rh type

85461-Fetal screen

86850-Antibody screen