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Test Code BLOD0951 Neonatal Bilirubin: Total, Direct, and Indirect

Useful For

Detecting hemolytic anemia, diagnosing liver disease, and evaluating degrees of jaundice

Profile Information

Test Code Test Name Methodology



BLOD0578 Bilirubin Direct (Conjugated) Photometric, Diazotized Sulfanilic Acid (Jendrassik-Grof) Yes
BLOD0577 Bilirubin Total Under 1 Month  Colorimetric Diazo Yes
N/A Bilirubin Indirect (Unconjugated) Calculation No

Performing Laboratory

Bozeman Health Laboratory Services

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Serum or Plasma

Container/Tube: Amber microtainer, Light-green microtainer

Specimen Volume: 1 full microtainer

Specimen Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL

Collection Instructions: Protect specimen from light.

Specimen Rejection:  Hemolyzed samples may be rejected.


Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient <24 hours/Refrigerated >24 hours

Specimen Stability

Specimen Type Temperature Time
Serum Ambient 1 day
  Refrigerated 7 days
  Frozen 6 months

Reference Values

Component Age Break Normal Range Critical Values
Neonatal Bilirubin, Total 0-1 day 0.0-5.8 mg/dL >6.0 mg/dL
  1-2 days 0.0-8.2 mg/dL >12.0 mg/dL
  2-3 days 0.0-8.2 mg/dL >15.0 mg/dL
  3 days-1 month 0.0-11.7 mg/dL >17.0 mg/dL
  ≥ 1 month 0.0-1.3 mg/dL >20.0 mg/dL
Neonatal Bilirubin, Direct 0-60 days 0.2-1.0 mg/dL >20.0 mg/dL
  ≥ 60 days 0.0-0.3 mg/dL >20.0 mg/dL
Neonatal Bilirubin, Indirect 0-30 days 0.0-11.7 mg/dL  
  ≥ 30 days 0.0-1.0 mg/dL  

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding