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Test Code BLOD0662 Factor IX (9) Assay

Specimen Type/Requirements

Blue top (Sodium Citrate) tube - Double Spun Platelet Poor Plasma


See Coagulation Testing and Platelet Poor Plasma Preparation


This test requires its own separate frozen aliquot.  The aliquot tube must be from an appropriately filled 3.2% Sodium Citrate tube to acquire the 9:1 blood to anticoagulant ratio that is critical for valid results.


Platelet poor plasma should be frozen within 2 hours of collection.  Double spun (platelet poor plasma) is critical for accurate results.


Patient must not be receiving Heparin or Coumadin Therapy.


Test is affected by moderate hemolysis.  Test is not affected by lipemia.

Specimen Volume

 Preferred Volume     1.0 mL   
 Minimum Volume     0.5 mL   



 Room Temperature     2 hours     
 Refrigerated     4 hours     
 Frozen     1 month     Preferred for transport   


Performed Test Frequency

Monday through Friday


Activated Partial Thromboplasting Clot-Based Assay



Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Sioux Falls