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Test Code BLOD0654 Immunodeficiency Panel 3

Important Note

Specimens for this test must be received at the testing laboratory (SMC) within 72 hours.  Please call Bozeman Health Laboratory Services at 414-5010 to confirm specimen arrival time when sending specimens from outreach laboratories.


Flow Cytometry


Testing includes:

  • Total Lymphocytes
  • Total T Cells (CD3)
  • Helper-Inducer T (CD3+CD4+)
  • Supressor-Cytotoxic T (CD3+CD8+)
  • Helper/Supressor Ratio

Useful for:

  • Follow-up and diagnostic evaluation of primary cellular immunodeficiencies, including severe combined immunodeficiency
  • T-cell immune monitoring following immunosuppressive therapy for transplantation, autoimmunity, and other immunological conditions where such treatment is utilized.

Performing Laboratory

Sanford Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Whole Blood (EDTA)

Container/Tube: EDTA purple top

Specimen Volume: 5 mL
Specimen Minimum Volume: 2 mL

Collection Instructions: Send 5 mL whole blood ambient.

Specimen Rejection:

1.  Testing must be performed within 72 hours.  Send to be received at SMC Sioux Falls Monday-Friday morning.

2.  Lithium heparin and ACD solution are not acceptable. 

3.  This test is affected by gross hemolysis. 

4.  Clotted specimens will be rejected.

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient <72 hours


Specimen Stability

Specimen Type Temperature Time
EDTA whole blood Ambient <72 hours


Reference Values

Age specific.  See report.

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday


Turnaround Time: 1-3 days

Test Classification and CPT Coding